Play What?



Play What?” is the place to go if you’re bored and want to try something new, but have no idea what to play or where to start. You’re not only a FPS or a RPG player, you’re open for everything as long as it’s fun. And off course, with great open mind comes… well, a lot of options.

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Chat with Ordis


Ordis chat

Started on another Warframe project this week. And here is the result!

Project: Ordis: “Please talk to me.”


What’s the app?

Basically, you can have a chat with Ordis. That’s pretty much it. You can ask Ordis anything you want.

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Sound it Taro – Alpha v1!


Sound it Taro

It’s alive!

So, the past few months I’ve been working on my own project, Sound it Taro!

It took a while to get this project out as I was working alone and in my free time.

Yes, this is a test version, an “Open Alpha Test” version, if I say so myself! So please bare with the bugs for now, haha. With your help, I’ll do my best to “eliminate” all the bugs!


What is Sound it Taro?

Ok, now what is Sound it Taro? What does it do?

Simply put, it allows anyone to add sounds to an image and share their creations with everyone!

Still no idea?  Click here to see an example!

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Warframe Alerts App UPDATE



The Warframe Alerts App has been updated! This includes the website app at and the mobile apps at So if you had the app installed on your smartphone, you’ll have to uninstall it and download the new one from the link provided.

With the launch of the official WarframeAlerts twitter, there is no longer need for us to submit new alerts!

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Warframe Alerts App




Like a month ago, I made an application for the game Warframe.

The Warframe Alerts.

So the game has these events, called Alerts, that would show up at random times. And some of these alerts would have a special reward marked with a “?”. So to find out what the reward is, you’ll have to complete the event.

Some people would just run the game in the background just to make sure they don’t miss these alerts or constantly refresh the forum to see if any new alert shows up. And that’s where my app comes in handy.

It basically throws a sound notification, whenever a new alert gets submitted.

The app is also available for the Android and Blackberry.

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Hello there guys!


Welcome to my blog!

Alright, so this is a web design I made for my blog quite some time ago.

As you may notice, it is quite an “illustrative” design style. And I started drawing illustrations almost 5 years ago now. First I was just doing some fan arts trying to “polish” my skills in this field. And later on I started applying this particular style on my projects, this blog being one of them.

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