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Like a month ago, I made an application for the game Warframe.

The Warframe Alerts.

So the game has these events, called Alerts, that would show up at random times. And some of these alerts would have a special reward marked with a “?”. So to find out what the reward is, you’ll have to complete the event.

Some people would just run the game in the background just to make sure they don’t miss these alerts or constantly refresh the forum to see if any new alert shows up. And that’s where my app comes in handy.

It basically throws a sound notification, whenever a new alert gets submitted.

The app is also available for the Android and Blackberry.


I’ve tested the app on several Android simulator and on two Android devices. (Samsung Galaxy S3 and Acer E330)
It is also avaible for the Blackberry devices! It has been tested on several Blackberry simulators. But I’m not sure how it looks like on an actual Blackberry device.

Below I’ll be listing all the devices that have been tested by fellow Warframe members.
Thank you guys!

-Motorola Atrix HD (tested by RawGritz)
-Sony Pad (tested by Labcat)
-PoV Protab XXL2 with CM9 (tested by Ero-METAL)
-Google Nexus S (tested by Grimicus)
-HTC Sensation XL (tested by Draakje)
-HP Touchpad running CM9 (tested by Grinn)
-Sony Xperia U (tested by aMannus)
-Acer E350 (tested by KingTaro)
-Samsung Galaxy S2 (tested by Maxunit)
-Intel Xolo X900 (tested by Zyfe3rX)
-Orange Sandiego (tested by Zyfe3rX)
-Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (tested by Zyfe3rX)
-LG P880 Optimus 4X HD (tested by Cineris)
-LG Nexus 4 (tested by Naked)
-Xperia Play (tested by DJ Borsh)
-Droid X (tested by Synikal)
-Droid RAZR (tested by Synikal)
-Droid RAZR MAXX (tested by Synikal)
-Asus Transformer (tested by Synikal)
-Asus Transformer Prime (tested by Synikal)
-HTC EVO 4G (tested by Mrblurr)
-Nexus 7 Tablet (tested by Zackai)
-Galaxy S Blaze (tested by Vasko)
-Samsung Infuse 4G (tested by DaftPansy)
-Nexus S 4G (tested by TheGreyGuardian)
-ONDA MID Android Tablet (tested by Gryphticon)
-Acer Cloudmobile S500 (tested by L3YvaT3N)

Post your results here and I’ll add them to the list!

NOTE: The app may only work on Android 3 and higher. If you’re using Android 2, please let me know if you were able to install the app.
Thanks in advance!


The main core of the app:
-Automatically retrieve the latest Alerts with the following information: Location, Reward and time left untill expiration.
-Play a notification sound when a new Alert is avaible by simply running the app in the background.
-Prevent duplications (time-interval check).

However, as I’m not working with the Warframe Team, I can not link the application directly to their servers.
That’s why there is a simple interface avaible on the Browser (desktop) version to easily submit a new Alert. You can not submit an Alert on the mobile app. The mobile app is simply to be notified about the Alerts.

I’m well aware that this is possible without my application (eg email notifications). My goal was to make something easy to use for those who check the Alerts and for those who submit them. And who knows, this app might work out beter for you.

As you may have noticed, you’ll have to register first, before you can submit an alert.
This is required to prevent people abusing the app. I know it might be funny for some of you to submit a “troll-alert” once in a while, but please know that this could ruin the app.


Let me know what you think! Worth it or a complete waste of time.
The app is in its early Alpha phase, so please feel free to contact me on warframe@kingtaro.com for suggestions, feedback and/or bugs reports.


This part is for the fellow developpers who’d like to contribute!

So, I’ve added an XML output which you can use for your app.
The XML lists the latest (20) alerts.

XML: http://www.kingtaro….ml/w_alerts.xml
The order is descending. So the latest submitted alert is at the top.

Some extra info:
-”timelimit” = how many minutes left from the moment the alert got submitted.
-”date” = The timestamp is in GMT+0. Using the timelimit and the date, you can calculate whether or not the alert has ended.
-”submitter” = The person who submitted the alert.

If you got more questions about the XML format, feel free to let me know!



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