Sound it Taro – Alpha v1!


Sound it Taro

It’s alive!

So, the past few months I’ve been working on my own project, Sound it Taro!

It took a while to get this project out as I was working alone and in my free time.

Yes, this is a test version, an “Open Alpha Test” version, if I say so myself! So please bare with the bugs for now, haha. With your help, I’ll do my best to “eliminate” all the bugs!


What is Sound it Taro?

Ok, now what is Sound it Taro? What does it do?

Simply put, it allows anyone to add sounds to an image and share their creations with everyone!

Still no idea?  Click here to see an example!

The main purpose of the application, is to add sounds to the Comic books! To bring comic books to life! And by Comic Books I mean every type of comic! Western (Marvel, DC,…) Eastern (Manga, Manhua,…) every type!

But there is also a section, called “Other”, for anything other than a Comic Book. For example, add sounds to a picture story of your birthday. Basically, you can have any pictures/photos “Soundified”!

Another noticeable section is the “Fanmade”. This is basically everything that is your own personal interpretation of an existing work. Do you have some Superman fanmade comic stories? Add them here!

So the Comic/Manga section is purely for the original comic/manga works. An original comic or manga that you made yourself would also fall under this category! So it’s not all about Marvel/DC, haha!



Why did I make this application?


Well, I’m a huge manga fan myself. So, one day I was reading a manga and thought, “I can’t wait to see this in the anime!”. Then I started questioning, what’s the difference between a manga and an anime?

For one, anime has animations. The other main difference is… the sound! And anyone that works with videos/animations, knows that the sound is atleast 50% as important as the animation itself! I mean, watch a video without a sound and tell me if you enjoyed it as much as with the sound on!

And that’s when it hit me! Lets make an application that gets the manga one step closer to the anime!

Sound it Taro, is the result of that thought!

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