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Started on another Warframe project this week. And here is the result!

Project: Ordis: “Please talk to me.”


What’s the app?

Basically, you can have a chat with Ordis. That’s pretty much it. You can ask Ordis anything you want.


Why I made the app.

Always wanted to get back at Web Audio API and see what’s new. So I decided to make an app for one of my favourite games while exploring the API.


Supported browsers.

I’d suggest to use Chrome. (tested on v36)
Firefox works too, but Ordis won’t talk (no voice), he’ll only reply in text.
As for Safari, it may work on latest iOS versions (v7 / v8), but there is no support for the latest Windows version (v5).

If you hear a voice and see this screen, than your browser supports the app!

Ordis chat web app by KingTaro


Warframe related questions

From now on, you’ll be able to ask Warframe related questions.
This was a suggestion by Bacodus (a redit user).


Ask a Warframe related question:

Type Ordis followed by your question.
Example: Ordis where do I find Nano Spores?


Please note that Ordis does not know much about Warframe yet. Ordis forgot quite a lot.
So maybe you’re willing to help Ordis acquiring all the knowledge about Warframe?

The instructions to provide Ordis with Warframe knowledge should be clear on the app itself, but I’ll list them here as well, just in case.


Provide Ordis with the right answer:

If Ordis does not know the answer or if you want to provide your own answer:
Type answer: followed by your answer.
Example: answer: You can find Nano Spores on Saturn, Neptune and Eris.


Upvote or downvote the answer:

If you were satisfied with the answer given by Ordis:
Type + for an upvote (thumbs up)
Type - for a downvote (thumbs down)


Extra note:

The conversations can be pretty funny sometimes. So if anyone decides to use it, I’d love to see what Ordis replied to you!

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